MetroRod ASDA

Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick have recently been given a contact by City Facilities Management (UK) Ltd for the provision of maintenance & Repair of drainage services at Asda premises in the Sussex, Surrey and Kent Area.

In total, we have 26 Asda stores altogether and are currently doing 18 stores Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM). Which is something we are excited about as a franchise.

Scope of works with the PPM consist of: –

  • High pressure water jetting of all sub-soil foul water drainage lines
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning of the internal pipework from toilets and urinals including stack pipes
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning of internal pipework leading from grease traps
  • Emptying of above ground grease traps (Capacity between 20 to 200 litres)

Once these scopes of work have been done a written report will be produced upon completion of each visit which will confirm the work completed, dates and times on and off site, areas worked, any observations and/or areas of interest any advice.

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