Worried about your gutters?


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Gutter clearing is an essential part of building maintenance and blocked gutters can cause big problems. It’s in your best interests to keep gutters clean and free from debris. This prevents damage to your home and costly repairs. However, it’s all too easy to let Gutter Cleaning slip down the list of chores that need doing. It’s rarely a favourite job, and can be dangerous and difficult.


We live in Britain, famed by the entire world for its rain and the lush green of its countryside. As we have season’s here in England when it comes to autumn with our beautiful deciduous native trees dropping their leaves and being met with a blustery wind, everyone’s gutters are prone to blockages.


The innovative Metro Vac system uses long poles that can reach up to 10 metres high to clean gutters from ground level; this removes the need for expensive scaffolding.

An industrial grade wet vacuum cleaner is attached to the poles which will easily lift moss, leaves and debris from the gutters.

A camera mounted on the top of the pole sends real-time video to a monitor viewed by the operator. This allows our engineers to precision clean and process substantial amounts of guttering quickly, safely and efficiently.


The process is equally suitable for gutters with good access as it offers an option to remove the risks of ‘working at height’. Statistically, working at height is one of the biggest risks in industrial fatality rates and therefore Metro Vac provides a safer alternative.


Why use Metro Vac?

  • Cost effective – Reduces the requirement for expensive access equipment
  • No Mess – sucks gutters clean using wet and dry vacuum
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas such as over atriums
  • Reduces risk – minimises the need to work at height
  • Precision cleaning – on-board cameras operated by skilled and professional engineers


For more information about Metro Vac, or to arrange for one of our engineers to visit your property, call today on 01293 510520

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