Tree Roots

You may be probably overlooking one of the biggest threats for drainage and sewer lines. Wondering what it is? The answer is ‘tree roots’.

Trees are a vital part of our planet’s ecosystem. Tree’s also add beauty and shade to landscapes, but their roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes because they contain three things trees need for their survival and growth: oxygen, water and nutrients, and your drainage pipes have all three of them. Aside from blockages and backups caused by fats, oils and grease, tree roots growing inside sewer pipes can be one of the most expensive sewer maintenance depending on how much damage is caused.

There are several reasons why you may decide that your home or building’s drains need inspecting.

Buying a home is a massive commitment and is likely to be the single biggest financial decision in most people’s lives. It is a decision that you want to get right first time and not discover a myriad of underling issues that come to haunt you through bad planning.

Damage caused by tree roots can cause problems, creating blockages and causing water to leak into the surrounding soil. This can lead to further problems with drain collapse and subsidence.

It is much better that these defects are identified to property sale in order that they can be addressed.

  • Vendor: If you are selling your property, you will want the sale to proceed in a timely manner and not be delayed by any unknown problems, such as damaged drains being discovered during purchaser survey. You will not want to have the purchaser negotiate sale price down to cover these repairs or be forced to repair these defects at your cost with little notice. In the worst case, the purchaser may even withdraw their offer.
  • Purchaser: You require the peace of mind that your dream home is not going to reveal any unexpected problems, especially when these can be expensive and come at a time when you have pushed yourself financially and have little if anything left in reserve.

In modern times and with general tightening of insurance policy schedules, it will seldom be the case that your insurance company will pick up the tab in a new home if the problem is something that you inherited, especially in the absence of a survey. In fact, drain survey is something that mortgage lenders, surveyors and home insurance companies insist on for properties over a certain age or value.

Most domestic and commercial clients won’t know what damage has been caused or what is causing the blockage, therefore we would suggest either a CCTV Survey to be done or a Look-see camera to determine the source of problem or issue. After doing the CCTV survey we would then run a report to see what damage has been done and would then contact you what further work is required if there has been any damage.


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