Patch Lining

Patch repairs offer a cost-effective solution and are contained repairs for fixing individual faults within a drain or sewer. Patch repairs are ideal for repairing structural defects such as holes, cracks, fractures, water ingress, displaced or open joints, and root ingress (after removal).

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Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick patch liners consist of fibreglass matting soaked with a Silicate resin solution, the matting is then wrapped onto a packer and inserted into the pipe and positioned at the location of the defective area.

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When in place, the packer is inflated and the patch compressed to the wall of the pipe, filling the fault with resin. After the curing procedure is complete, the packer is deflated and detached from the drain, leaving the patch liner formed to the pipe.

With a short curing time a patch liner can be completed within than an hour!

Whatever your requirement, give Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick a call and one of our team will be able to discuss the best way to assist in resolution of your drainage problems.



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