High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

13 - MR Images - HPWJ commercial building

Most people never think about their drains until there is a problem.

Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick high pressure water jetting service delivers a quick and effective solution to all common drainage problems. With Metro Rod’s high pressure water jetting, free flowing conditions can be easily restored with minimum disruption to you and your business.

All drains need cleaning from time to time, due to the accumulation of scale, fat and grease. High pressure water jetting is an extremely effective method for cleaning drains, sewers and pipeline systems. Powerful jets of water remove most obstructions, from silt and scale to debris and foreign bodies. High pressure water jetting can also be used to remove root ingress in drains by applying specialised cutting tools driven by the water jets.


Our high-pressure water jetting provides an environmentally friendly and convenient method for cleaning drains. Water jetting uses high pressure water jets to clear blocked drains without the need for any abrasive or corrosive chemicals that can damage the environment. Metro Rod Brighton and Gatwick can help you as all our engineers have a city & guilds qualification in this as HPWJ is dangerous.

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