Food Hygiene Training


Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick engineers undergo severe training and complete the following nationally recognised certification: High Pressure Water Jetting qualification, National Road and Street Works, Confined Spaces Works, Asbestos Awareness and Basic Food Hygiene. We take training and the skill of our engineers very seriously, so that we can offer the very best service to you.

Our engineers take basic food hygiene training in managing disinfection and hygiene. Due to working with a lot of restaurants, cafés and other food places it is important that our engineers know the importance of disinfection and hygiene in the food industry and colour codes. So, the engineers learn about a variety of bacteria including the harmful and friendly. What PPE is required for specific tasks in the food industry and how to clean and disinfect effectively.

Why disinfection and hygiene is so important in the food industry?

Clean food cannot be produced in dirty surroundings.

Dirt, in food manufacturing premises kitchen and food retailers will form a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Micro-Organisms is the general term for the millions of microscopic living cells, which in habit every part of our world. They include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mould
  • Parasites

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning chemicals can be powerful and cleaners must wear special protective clothing (PPE) before cleaning.

In the food industry, the purpose of wearing special clothing is to protect both:

  • Food from contamination
  • Workers from harm

Clothing: Would normally consist of overalls made of washable fabric, head coverings, gloves, strong shoes and snoods to cover facial hair.

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