wait, is that? … Yes it’s another nest.

birds nest

Our blue tits as you know from the previous bird blog have now fled their nest. However, last week we discovered another nest at the back of our office. We saw a black bird coming and going from the nest, so we decided to investigate the nest but the nest was empty. So, we assumed they had already used the nest and left. As seen in the photograph below the nest is empty and a bit damp.

empty nest

This morning we had a look to see if it was still empty. The bird is still coming back and forth. Also, we had noticed the nest looked much thicker and built a lot more bigger.


After having another peep inside the nest today we have discovered that the nest is now occupied to (we think) a common blackbird and five eggs.

Over the next few weeks we will be now keeping an eye out on our new visitors and keeping you updated on the latest news on the new nest.

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