Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most households use chemical drain cleaners. When there is the first sight of a slow drain or a blocked sewer line, most people do not call a drainage professional at the start. Typically, the homeowner tries to clear the blockage themselves. The average person thinks that a slow running or blocked sink drain can be fixed by something they buy in a supermarket. They try to save money by solving the drainage problem themselves. All too often, this ends up costing them much more in the long run.

Store bought cleaners are made of extremely toxic chemicals and therefore they pose a threat to one’s health as well as the environment. Chemicals such as sulfuric acid, caustic soda, and sodium hydroxide are found in store bought drain cleaners. The main purpose of these substances is to melt or “eat away” at whatever it is triggering the blockage in the drain such as hair, dirt, grease and soap. Just as it “eats away” at the materials causing the blockage, it can also eat away at the health of the person using it.

Sometimes, these chemicals don’t always work especially if the drain is completely blocked. This can just sit on top or coat the blockage and contaminate the water that the engineer will have to get rid of to clear the blockage. Also you must be careful because if you find the chemicals aren’t working and try plunging, to clear the blockage it might cause a splash back of the chemicals causing damage to your eyes, mouth or skin. As you can see from the illustration below:

illustration sink

Our engineers must always be cautious when approaching a customer’s house and before attending the blockage and ask the customer if they have put any chemicals down the drain beforehand. This is so the engineer knows and can drain it before carrying on trying to sort the problem all engineers must make sure they are wearing gauntlet gloves and using a face mask. So, none of the chemicals can splash on to the skin or eyes, this is for their protection.

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