Birds Nest Update – BlackBirds

Two weeks ago, we discovered another nest this time at the back of our office. This was just after the blue tits had fled their nest which was located at the front of the office in our disused cigarette box. See the blog post on the blue tits here –

We are lucky to have two nests relatively close to the office and have this amazing experience. Since then we have been watching the blackbird sit on her nest of eggs. We did check on them last week but they weren’t hatched yet.


This morning, the black bird has been constantly coming back and forth to the nest. We believe she is getting food so we had another look. The eggs have now hatched and there are new-born chicks which could only be a couple of days old as they are so tiny. In the image below there’s only four chicks, so we wonder if there’s a chick beneath them as there were five eggs in total or maybe one did not hatch.


All the chicks are snuggled together, while mum is going to get food for them.


So, we now have a new little bird family to watch over the next couple of weeks and continue to watch the little ones grow. We will also keep you updated on the new arrivals.

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