Drain Repairs

Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick Franchise can consider a range of repair technologies to offer the most cost effective and least disruptive repair. All techniques we currently use are approved by local Water Authorities and the WRc.

Some of the common techniques for drain repair in use today are:

No-Dig or trenchless repairs

No-Dig Repair options vary depending on the application, although they all share a common theme of inserting a liner into a drain which is saturated with resin. The liner is moved into position, whether it is local or full length and then inflated to give a water tight repair by effectively making a thin strong layer inside the existing drain. When the required cure time has elapsed, the means of inflating the repair is removed to restore the full drain function and integrity.

Localised Structural Repairs (LSRs)

Patch Liners – Patch repairs offer a cost-effective solution and are localised repairs for fixing individual defects within a drain or sewer. Click here to view our blog post on Patch Lining –

Ambient Cured Lining

Full or partial lining of sewers or drains to cover multiple defects, this type of lining is mainly used for domestic and small commercial or industrial applications

Heat Cured Lining

Again, this method is used for full or partial length lining to cover multiple defects. However, it is mainly used for larger diameter or longer length pipes as it gives a longer installation window due to the resin requiring heat for it to cure.

Metro Rod work as quickly and efficiently as possible not to cause unnecessary inconvenience so Whatever your requirement, give our us a call 01293 510520 and one of our team will be able to discuss the best way to assist in resolution of your drainage problems.

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