Clearing Blocked Drains

Do you have blocked drains, is your toilet rising to the top? Do you have bad smells or an overflowing gully or Manhole? Is your washing machine or sink blocked? No matter whether you are a householder or a business customer, Metro Rod can offer the same service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It is an everyday fact that pipes and drains block up and not necessarily due to abuse, although fats, grease and items such as wipes can play a part. However sometimes the drain will be damaged or have reached the end of its life.

One thing is certain, nobody wants blocked drains or pipes and this is where Metro Rod can help.

Specialist drain clearing services

 Electro-mechanical cleaning (EMC): This is the process of using a motorised tool to rotate a cable or spring which is stored on a drum within the tool. The operator feeds the cable into the pipe that is blocked and uses the tool to rotate the cable within the pipe. This has the effect of breaking up any material which has accumulated in the pipe which is largely removed on the cable and the remainder flushed harmlessly away into the drainage system. The cables are flexible and will pass around several bends easily. Larger machines with larger cables are available for a variety of pipe sizes from plastic kitchen pipes to underground drains.

Picotte cutter: This is a variation on the EMC idea. This machine uses a rotating cable to drive a multi tool head. This head can be used to cut on the front face and remove hard debris. Abrasive paddles are also attached to the cutting body which is extremely effective at removing scale and corrosion.

High Pressure Water Jetting: This is the process of using water propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. This application is particularly effective in clearance of drains as the impact of high pressure water on a blockage is to soften or emulsify it, which restores flow aided by water used in the jetting process. All Metro Rod Vans carry HPW Jetting equipment.

Finding the best solution

Our engineers will attend site and make a brief assessment of the problem, they will then be able to offer you the best way to clear your blockage quickly and efficiently.

We pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction. Our engineers will want to offer you the most cost-effective solution to offer complete satisfaction and ensure that the problem is resolved first time.

We will carry out practical tests on the drain once it is unblocked to give you assurance.

If there is a structural issue with the drain, our vans are equipped with CCTV equipment so that we can examine the defect and make a proposal for the most cost-effective solution.

For more information or to arrange for one of our engineers to visit your property, call today on 01293 510520

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