Descaling is a process of cutting and removing built-up solidified scales that are blocking the interiors of the pipes. If this is left untreated then the scale will continue to build-up on top of what has already scaled. This will then reduce the lines width as the scale can grow large enough to block pipes, which then will affect the flow rate and that debris could catch on to any scale that’s already there and cause blockages.

At Metro Rod, we use a specialized machine that features an electronic mechanical cutter to remove the lining of scale inside the pipes. By doing this, the original diameter of the pipe is restored allowing water to pass through with no problems.

Currently, we undertake monthly Pre-Planned Maintenance to clear our kitchen grease traps and undertake a full HPWJ descale of kitchen lines to remove all fat. Also, we undertaken trimesterly tanker work to clear ground keepers yard drainage. This ensures that these lines are fully functioning and maintained. Also, we quickly resolve all their emergency blockages.

If you are experiencing blockage in your drainage or sewer system, or if a professional drainage company has not come to inspect your pipes in the last few years, you can ask here at Metro Rod to have a CCTV survey done. This method will show you the extent of the damage and see the current condition of your drainage pipes. The team here at Metro Rod will then be able to give you recommendations and tell you if you need a descale. Call us today 01293 510520


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