Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick engineers are all fully trained in using a cable avoidance tool (CAT) which is used to detect buried services prior to carrying out any excavation work. For enhanced performance, use a Signal generator (Genny) and Signal Clamp. This Signal Clamp is an accessory that allows the Signal Generator to be applied to a specific cable without having to make electrical contact with that cable. Although the Signal Clamp is not physically fixed to the cable we still consider it as a Connection method because it is using the Signal Generator in Connection mode.


Generator Mode is for working with a Genny to trace the Genny’s signal.

The CAT has 3 modes – Generator, Power and Radio.


Power Mode detects buried cables using the flow of electricity along a loaded cable.

Radio Mode detects radio signals commonly found on metal pipes and cables such as gas, water and phone lines.

We have a health and safety plan with go through will the engineers to ensure of personnel carrying out works to identify and manage underground services both in preparation and undertaking of excavation activities.

This plan covers a range of areas such as responsibility, procedure, planning prior to breaking ground, locating underground services, safe digging and many more.

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