The Crown


On the Friday 30th June 2017, we went to do a site visit at an office block called The Crown in Westerham. During our site visit, we assessed all the work required that was specified by the person we met on site. Which was to fully restore the flow of the surface water system in the car park. When attended the site all the aco channels are full of silt which is preventing the water from draining away.

As you can see from the the images above the aco channels were very full and clogged up with silt and debris. Some of the aco channels were really bad as well as a few blocked gully’s. We took photographs of everything on the site and took notes, so when we arrive back at the local office we can quote everything up with photographs and works that need to be carried out on site.

When quoting up the job back at the office there are three different works which are;

Works 1: Aco Channels and Manholes

Which we suggested removing all the aco grills to gain access to the channel. Then remove all silt and debris with our tanker extraction whilst high pressure water jetting is used, to break up the silt and debris. We will high pressure water jet all outlets from the aco’s to the surface water manholes.

Works 2: Hoppers and Downpipes

We would recommend removing all the defects from all hoopers in the underground car park with the tanker extraction.  Then high pressure water jet from the down pipe to the connection or manholes to fully restore flow.

Works 3: Box channel

On the top-level car park, there is a section of approx. 35 meters of suspended box channel. In this box channel, we will remove all of the debris with the tanker extraction and then high-pressure water jet all the outlets to fully restore flow.

Our engineers started this doing this job last weekend (12th/13th August) after they wanted to go through with the works. So two of our engineers have started, and cleaned the aco channels on the underground car park. They will be there this weekend as well 19th/20th August to continue the following works.

The engineers arrive on site and started to unbolt the aco drain covers and use the tanker to extract whilst high pressure water jetting aco drains to remove the mass silt and debris as well as cleaning out the trays in the aco. They also jetted the main lines on the surface water manholes and laterals, then used the combi tanker to extract debris from lines. After water testing it and once free flowing they put the manholes down.


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