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The plot land area is in Cobham Woods South, not far from the Mausoleum. The area is sandwiched between Cobham Park (now owned by the National Trust) and Ranscombe Farm Reserve (owned by Plantlife International and Medway Authority). The land, which comprises some 110 acres of Natural Beauty, and forms part of the Cobham Woods Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Plot Map

In 1835 a guy called Edward Bligh, the 5th Earl of Darnley, attempted to demonstrate to some of his estate workers the correct way to use an axe. In the process, he cut off one of his toes and died of tetanus some days later. Lady Darnley had a stone monument created at the spot where the accident took place, surrounded by eight yew trees – this became known as the ‘toe monument’.  Since then the site has become overgrown and much damaged by vandalism and neglect. All that now remains are a few stones surrounded by the now considerably larger yew trees.


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