Burst pipes over the winter.


 With the winter months coming in thick and fast, leaking and burst pipes are ready to cause you misery, loss of property and money. 

There are many reasons why pipes burst and spring leaks, this could be no insulation, incorrectly fitted-pipe work and a rapid change in temperature are to name just a few but, if you follow the tips that I am about to give you then this could help make a potential misery into a happy winter and a joy to all.
Regardless whether you are in a commercial building or a domestic building escaped water can cause a devastating mess and damage the goods that you have worked so hard for causing damage that is beyond repair and leave your home or workplace in a state that is inhabitable for days or even weeks. This can be a terrifying ordeal for home and business owners however, if you apply just some of the measures that I am about to give you the chances of a burst pipe or a leak can be drastically reduced.


By leaving your heating on 24/7 during the colder days will help keep the temperature up to an average and help reduce the chances of the pipes from bursting. If you are due to go away on holiday just quickly check your insurance policy and see if there is a clause that you have to maintain a certain temperature in the building during the winter months.

Stop cock

The stop cock is one tap in your property that is way overlooked and left out. Check your stop cock that it is free to turn and this turns the water off and on. Stop cocks although sit there doing nothing year on year can seize up and just when you need them the most they will stick and then on pressure of turning them can leak causing you only one last option, to locate the mains outside and for you to try to turn the water off from there.

Mains Stop cock

This is another tap that is widely overlooked. This is the tap that is located normally at the front of your property either on the pavement or just in the garden area. Always test these at least twice a year by buying a stop cock key from your local plumbers merchant as if these fail then you are potentiall y screwed. You will have to call the water authority to attend and excavate the stop cook and this will mean shutting off the road to where you live also leaving your neighbours without water.


This is where you may have to climb. Get up into your loft and check the insulation around your water tank and the pipe work going to and coming from the tank. Is this insulated? The loft area is a very cold area and although heat from your home or office rises, the loft doesn’t benefit from this as you will have loft insulation keeping the heat into your home. If you cannot fit the insulation yourself then any plumber can help with this. Another way you can help is by leaving your loft hatch open to let the warm air rise up and circulate however, this can also lose the heat from your nice warm home but, what’s more important? So now you’ve thought about the tank and the pipe work in your home or office, what about the tap in your garden? Lucky for us all that most if not all DIY stores sell an outside tap insulation kit which we can fit ourselves.

What to do if you have a burst pipe.

In all cases the first thing you should do is turn that stop cock off straight away although this might not instantly stop the leak it will stop the pipes from continuously filling and causing more damage. Then immediately turn off your central heating system as this will need water to work and if there is not water then this could damage your central heating system.Use some towels or whatever you have to help maintain the water and move any nearby furniture as this will soak up the water and then smell if not treated straight away.

If you have insurance then call your insurer immediately and they will dispatch an emergency plumber. No matter what time of day it’s  there will be an emergency plumber on call.

At Metro Plumb, we undertake all insurance work and will be there for you 24/7/ 365. Our engineers are fully trained and we will help stop and contain the leak to get your home or office habitable again.

You can call us today on 01293510520 for more information or contact your insurance company and request we attend your home or business.

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