Sir Joseph Bazalgette

Joseph Bazalgette was born in London on 28 March 1819 and died 15 March 1891, Wimbledon, London. Joseph began his career as a railway engineer, gaining significant experience in land drainage and reclamation. He was British civil engineer who designed the main drainage system for London. Joseph’s accomplishment of engineering is a mostly forgotten facet […]

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The Crown

On the Friday 30th June 2017, we went to do a site visit at an office block called The Crown in Westerham. During our site visit, we assessed all the work required that was specified by the person we met on site. Which was to fully restore the flow of the surface water system in […]

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Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick engineers are all fully trained in using a cable avoidance tool (CAT) which is used to detect buried services prior to carrying out any excavation work. For enhanced performance, use a Signal generator (Genny) and Signal Clamp. This Signal Clamp is an accessory that allows the Signal Generator to be applied to a […]

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  Here at Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick there are times when excavation is the only option this involves physically digging a hole or trench, depending on what the situation is. We cover all aspects of excavations. Every now and then a drainage problem is so severe that it really isn’t possible to fix it […]

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Van Audits

At Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick we take our van audits very seriously to ensure everything is up to date and all our drainage and plumbing engineers have the correct essentials on their vehicles. Our Technical Support engineer manages the van audits and are done monthly. The technical support engineer will just turn up on […]

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Descaling is a process of cutting and removing built-up solidified scales that are blocking the interiors of the pipes. If this is left untreated then the scale will continue to build-up on top of what has already scaled. This will then reduce the lines width as the scale can grow large enough to block pipes, […]

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Yes! We even do plumbing as well, not just drainage. Metro Plumb (Brighton and Gatwick) are your local reliable and reactive plumbing service. We cover the whole of Sussex and Kent and parts of Surrey. As the Nation’s local plumber, we are proud to able to support the homes and businesses of the region 24/7, […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

Metro Rod Brighton suggest when it comes to your drainage system, regular maintenance is a must. In fact, without regular care and attention from a qualified and experienced drainage cleaning professional, a small blockage can cause major damage within your property or commercial and industrial premises. Below we have a put 5 tips how you […]

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