Burst pipes over the winter.

   With the winter months coming in thick and fast, leaking and burst pipes are ready to cause you misery, loss of property and money.  There are many reasons why pipes burst and spring leaks, this could be no insulation, incorrectly fitted-pipe work and a rapid change in temperature are to name just a few […]

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Autumn Drainage Maintenance

You don’t get any better weather than Autumn in the UK! Perfect weather for burning candles, crackling fires, cosy socks and watching the colourful display of falling leaves… and maintaining your guttering and drainage. Autumn is nearly here and now being a vital time to consider the maintenance of your drainage system. The leaves on […]

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The Crown

On the Friday 30th June 2017, we went to do a site visit at an office block called The Crown in Westerham. During our site visit, we assessed all the work required that was specified by the person we met on site. Which was to fully restore the flow of the surface water system in […]

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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most households use chemical drain cleaners. When there is the first sight of a slow drain or a blocked sewer line, most people do not call a drainage professional at the start. Typically, the homeowner tries to clear the blockage themselves. The average person thinks that a slow running or blocked sink drain can be fixed […]

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High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

Most people never think about their drains until there is a problem. Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick high pressure water jetting service delivers a quick and effective solution to all common drainage problems. With Metro Rod’s high pressure water jetting, free flowing conditions can be easily restored with minimum disruption to you and your business. […]

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Golf Clubs

Metro Rod (Brighton and Gatwick) are the area’s leading drainage experts, offering innovative drainage solutions to both homes and businesses across the region. We are offering a no obligation FREE of charge quote, for all Golf Clubs in the area. With one of our senior technical team or managers to come out to you to asses the work […]

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Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM)

Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick routinely carries out Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) works for a vast array of commercial clients. We can discuss any problems that our customers are facing and propose a bespoke maintenance plan to prevent loss of revenue or general inconvenience, through a programme of regular works. As a genuine 24/7 company, we […]

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