Burst pipes over the winter.

   With the winter months coming in thick and fast, leaking and burst pipes are ready to cause you misery, loss of property and money.  There are many reasons why pipes burst and spring leaks, this could be no insulation, incorrectly fitted-pipe work and a rapid change in temperature are to name just a few […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

Metro Rod Brighton suggest when it comes to your drainage system, regular maintenance is a must. In fact, without regular care and attention from a qualified and experienced drainage cleaning professional, a small blockage can cause major damage within your property or commercial and industrial premises. Below we have a put 5 tips how you […]

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Clearing Blocked Drains

Do you have blocked drains, is your toilet rising to the top? Do you have bad smells or an overflowing gully or Manhole? Is your washing machine or sink blocked? No matter whether you are a householder or a business customer, Metro Rod can offer the same service 24 hours a day 7 days a […]

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