Burst pipes over the winter.

   With the winter months coming in thick and fast, leaking and burst pipes are ready to cause you misery, loss of property and money.  There are many reasons why pipes burst and spring leaks, this could be no insulation, incorrectly fitted-pipe work and a rapid change in temperature are to name just a few […]

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Van Audits

At Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick we take our van audits very seriously to ensure everything is up to date and all our drainage and plumbing engineers have the correct essentials on their vehicles. Our Technical Support engineer manages the van audits and are done monthly. The technical support engineer will just turn up on […]

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Yes! We even do plumbing as well, not just drainage. Metro Plumb (Brighton and Gatwick) are your local reliable and reactive plumbing service. We cover the whole of Sussex and Kent and parts of Surrey. As the Nation’s local plumber, we are proud to able to support the homes and businesses of the region 24/7, […]

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